Actuary Advisors is a Florida based company that specializes in quantitative services offered to a wide variety of clients. Our expertise has been extended to a diverse clientele throughout the United States for over 2 decades. Our team of actuary professionals provide three main solutions:

Income Taxes

Actuary Advisors serve and meet the tax and financial needs of individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and corporations. Our dedicated tax professionals will help get you every qualified deduction to maximize your return or minimize your tax debt. Our services are in high demand so for that reason we DO NOT prepare returns while you wait.


There is no way all your tax options and solutions can be determined in a immediate face-to-face tax preparation appointment. A true tax professional will want to take time to review your information to access viable and optimal solutions. Although a 24-hour tax preparation is possible, most 1040’s have about a 3 day turn around. And with the Stimulus Relieft now in play we are processing all returns within 3 days. We have a preparation and review process that allows us to review and consider your unique tax situation, determine what may be missing, request additional information if needed and consider tax saving and planning opportunities if applicable.

Personal Taxes

  • Current Year Tax Returns (W2s)
  • Independent Contractors (1040s)
  • Sole Proprietors
  • Prior Year Returns
  • Amend Prior Year Return

Business Taxes

  • Business Tax Returns: 1120S / 1120 / 1065
  • Rental Property / Multi-Unit Rentals
  • Business Formation Services
  • Back-taxes and Prior Year Taxes

When you referral a personal tax client you will receive $50 cash reward and your friend will get a $50 credit toward our services. And when you refer a client with business tax you get a $100 cash reward.


Our tax firm pays commissions through referrals

Notification: A commission will most likely be paid out if you were referred to this firm.

Tax Evaluation Form


I acknowledge that submitting this contact form gives us your permission to contact you by phone and/or email. We do not collect contact information for marketing purposes or unsolicited correspondence.

Refer - A - Friend

We exclusively use word-of-mouth marketing from our clients.

Reward- A - Client

To ensure we give the best overall service we offer $50-$100 for every successful referral.








It's that time of year again. We are counting down until the nation's yearly reconcile arrives.

Income Tax Due Date

If you do not complete your tax preparation on time or file your return by the due date, you may be subject to a failure-to-file penalty and interest. To avoid penalties and interest, it is recommended that you file for an extension by April 15.

Total days until April 15th, 2021

Unclaimed Funds Broker

Actuary Advisors are dedicated to finding lost funds through bankruptcies, taxes, property, or financial institutions. We spend countless hours researching to locate unclaimed assets and their rightful recipients. Each state holds million and, in some cases, billions of dollars of unclaimed property and money. Our company helps people and businesses collect assets they are rightfully due. If you haven’t spoken with your claims professional yet, we encourage you or a trusted advisor to call or email us today.

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