Aaron James

Business/Financial Consultant


I began my autodidactic education with business in 1996. Since that time, I have continued and expanded my self-education in economics, finance, technology, and corporate law. Twenty-four (24) years later and I am now an expert in all things pertaining to small business. My wide range of experiential knowledge in the corporate and financial worlds affords me the opportunity to blend these studies to strive for a synergistic approach toward any and all resolutions.

I have learned to take my competencies and enhance the array of financial solutions our company offers. My approach, however, is not limited to the state we, or our clients, reside in. I strive to innovate more from a global, international perspective. This provides every client with a broader viewpoint when formulating financial decisions. I am an Actuary, taking economic calculations and prospecting technical benefits.

I strive to innovate more from a global, international perspective.

Tony Jackson

Financial Technology Director


While I have a wide spectrum of skillsets, I pride myself on being a business professional first. I have almost 20 years experience in business management and information technology. My time spend managing team environments has given me an edge in overseeing all matters related to financial technology. I believe success comes through dedication and innovation. So with that understanding I strive to innovate and execute technical methods in the financial and technology crossover space.

I have the expertise to identify and solve technical issues which ensures clients have secure and seamless transactions. It is always my desire to continue in my personal and business growth as I continue to innovate ways to improve the operations and activities within the finance industry. I am an Actuary, taking technical calculations and prospecting financial benefits.

I believe success comes through dedication and innovation.

Yesenia Vasquez

Senior Financial Advisor


Born and raised in Miami, I have had the opportunity to be engrossed in a multicultural environment. This has provided me a unique perspective when I'm assisting those with their financial needs and goals. I have worked in the financial industry and various institutions within for the past 12 years.

I am well versed in all things associated with banking. Over the years I have helped many with their yearly income taxes and other financial needs. I personally like to help people organize and accomplish their financial objectives. I take pride in making people successful. I would be pleased on helping you personally. I am an Actuary, taking financial calculations and prospecting personal benefits.

I take pride in making people successful.